Fourth of July Recap

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Fourth of July this year was so much fun. It definitely looked a lot different than last year. 

Last year Aidan was only a few weeks old, and was recovering from his first surgery, so we didn't do much celebrating other than a quick photo in festive outfits. Neither child looked thrilled, and in addition to trying to survive the newborn life, Matthew was also adjusting to not being an only child anymore, so it was definitely a challenging time. 

This year we had matching festive outfits, which may be the only year they match as Matthew will soon be out of toddler sized clothing. I love getting their holiday themed clothing from Target. The Cat and Jack line has such cute and affordable options. On another note, this year Aidan was recovering from his 5th surgery (which is why he has such a stylish hair cut), but he is doing so much better this time around. 

We started our celebrations on Saturday with a trip to our family's farm to have a little cousin time. I shared a Reel on Instagram where you can see all of our fun.

On the 4th, we ventured to a nearby town for their 4th of July parade.

Matthew's favorite part of the parade was watching the police cars, firetrucks and EMT vehicles. It was also his first time seeing a marching band. He was intrigued, but he loved all the trucks more. We also saw someone dressed as an emoji poop character, which was advertising for a plumbing company, but Matthew thought that was pretty funny.

When then headed to our favorite ice cream shop, Stickyfingers, for a "cold treat" as Matthew called it.

Aidan shared my cookies and cream ice cream and though it was pretty yummy.

We then headed over to the park where Rick and I got engaged and Matthew played in the water and Aidan got his first experience sitting in the grass. He was not a fan, and kept lifting his legs so they would not touch the grass. You can see more of our fun in this Instagram Reel.

We did not get to see any fireworks. Matthew is still a little afraid of them, and Aidan turns into a grumpy little man at 8 pm...demanding milk and bedtime...but overall it was a good weekend. 

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