Meet Lilly -- Our New Puppy!

Monday, July 18, 2022

 We have some exciting news to share...

Meet Lilly, the newest member of our family. Lilly is a beagle and she is 10 weeks old today. 

We got her from a family near Coshocton, which is a little less than 2 hours away from us. We didn't tell the kids that we were getting her, just in case things feel through, but we did tell them we were going on an adventure to see a surprise. 

Matthew thought he was going on a road trip to get a robot toy, so I was afraid he was going to be very disappointed, but he is OBSESSED with her. He just wanted to hold her and have her sit by him in the car the entire way home. He said she was a much better surprise than a robot toy, but he would still like a robot toy...ha!

We stopped off to visit my family so we could pick up the crate we were letting them borrow for their pup. We had some pizza and a little photo shoot before we headed back home. 

Matthew is so proud of his new puppy. He keeps reminding us that she is his dog, not Dada's or Mama's or Baby Brother's dog. Yet he has not cleaned up after her yet...hmmm.

She loves running around and playing with Matthew, but he does wear her out!

Our first family of 5 photo! More fun Lilly stories to come, I'm sure!

And today over on Instagram I'm sharing a fun Reel from the day we got her, so make sure to follow along over there. 

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