Our 2023 Holiday Home

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Welcome to our 2023 Holiday Home. This was our first Christmas in our new home, and I was so excited to decorate all of the new spaces. Most of my decor has been collected over the years, but I did purchase a few new items to go with some of the new spaces in our home.

Hope you enjoy a little peak into our new home and check out the video tour over on Instagram

This Christmas puppy was a new purchase this year and the boys loved seeing it every time we came home and walked up on the front porch. 

This table is a new piece that we purchased to fit this space and I loved having a new piece to decorate this year. 

I came across this cute little deer when I was shopping at the garden center for mums during the Fall and could not wait to include it as part of my Christmas decor. 

My Mom made this advent calendar 2 years ago for the boys. We put Hershey's kisses in each of the pockets, and both boys get 1 piece of candy after dinner each night until Christmas. It's the highlight of their day! 

This cookbook is new to my collection this year and I made a Chocolate Peppermint Cake recipe from this book for Christmas Day. 

This light up Christmas tree was my Grandmother's and I believe it's at least 30+ years old, if not older. It's one of my favorite pieces to showcase each year and I loved having it in the kitchen this year on a stack of festive cookbooks.

Everyone needs a hot cocoa bar...am I right?

Fun little festive area for doing dishes.

One of the cutest little pieces of decor in our home. 

Our littlest elf's favorite Christmas decoration is this snowglobe that plays Santa Clause is 
Coming to Town.

Our 2023 Christmas Tree

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