Halloween 2022 and Costumes Through the Years

Saturday, November 12, 2022

One of my favorite things about Halloween is dressing the kiddos, and the pup, in cute costumes. I spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect costumes, that also don't cost a fortune!! And of course each you we have to have a little photo shoot to show off the costumes!

This year Matthew wanted to be Spiderman and he wanted Little Brother to be Superman. And of course we had to get Lilly in on the fun, so she became Wonder Woman.

I also thought it would be fun to show our costumes throughout the years:


Matthew was originally supposed to be Ryder from Paw Patrol, but he got this Construction Worker costume for his birthday and quickly decided this would be his costume. This was Aidan's first Halloween, so he was a skeleton - which you will see is very similar to Matthew's first Halloween


Matthew was very into being a fireman this year. He still, 2 years later, loves to put this costume on for dress up. We got this costume from Costco that year, and it is a very well made costume and was about $20!


Matthew loved Buzz Lightyear, but he was a little afraid of his costume at first. Once he realized you could get candy, it was game on! And of course we had to get Bryn and Napoleon (our pups at the time) dressed up as well!


This was Matthew's first Halloween (well technically his 2nd since he was actually born on Halloween). We went with this cute skeleton outfit from Carters. He didn't actually go trick or treating, but he did dress up for his Halloween party at daycare. And look at his crazy hair, which I refused to cut at the time.


Being a first time Mom, of course I went a little overboard. But this costume was actually passed on to me from a friend, and we already had these Wizzard of Oz costumes for the pups, so I just had to take this photo opportunity. I recently passed the lion costume on to my cousin, so I'm excited to see if her son (who is due early next year) will be able to wear it. 

And here are a few throwbacks. I think this was from 2014, the year Rick and I got married. We went to a work Halloween party and I was Carrie from Sex in the City, and I totally DIY'd the tutu skirt. 

And of course Rick had to go as Mr Big. And yes he already owned that pink tie!

And this is my favorite from when we had the 3 pups - Bryn was Robin, Abby was Wonder Woman and Napoleon was Batman. 

What's your favorite Halloween costumes? Do you dress up as a family? I think next year we may try family matching costumes. 

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